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It is fair to state that all stairlifts are designed to perform the same function – to convey a person up and down a staircase, while seated (or in some cases, standing/perching).

However, that is pretty much where the similarity ends. There are many different design types – and some are much nicer, more technically advanced, more comfortable and safer than others.

In making our stair lift choice, The Austin Stairlift Company demands the following features:

Direct Drive DC power operation – the stairlift is battery powered, meaning it will continue to operate during a power outage – an important consideration here in Austin. DC operation is also smoother, quieter and more controllable than older AC powered stairlifts.

Constant Battery Charging – most battery operated stair lifts have a charging station at either end of the staircase. If the stairlift is not precisely parked on the charging station, the batteries quickly discharge and the stairlift stops working. Constant battery charging systems allow the stair lift to be parked anywhere on the staircase, removing the risk of failure due to discharged batteries.

Soft Start/Soft Stop – The stairlift has an electronically controlled gently ramped start and stop, which is safer and more comfortable for the user and puts far less stress on the drive components.

Swivel Seat – The seat can be turned at the head of the stairs, making it safer and easier to get in and out of.

Comprehensive Safety Package – The stair lift is equipped with sensors on the drive unit and the footrest that prevent it from colliding with any obstruction on the staircase. It is also equipped with an over-speed governor – effectively a fail-safe braking system that prevents an uncontrolled descent. Many stair lift brands do not offer this essential safety equipment as standard. We feel that is rather irresponsible.

Infra-Red Remote Control – the stairlift can be summoned by remote control, which is important if there is more than one user in the household.

Low Footrest Height – The stairlifts footrest is less than 3” above the floor at the foot of the stairs and level with the landing at the top. This is a very important feature, as many stair lift brands have a small footrest that is up to 8” above the floor, requiring the user to step up onto the stair lift. This can be both uncomfortable and quite dangerous in many cases.

Height Adjustable Seat – to insure a precise and comfortable fit for people of all sizes.

Self-Diagnostics – the system allows you and us to establish and monitor the stair lifts safe operation. A digital display gives information that allows us to understand that the stairlift is functioning normally. The system has put an end to unnecessary and costly home visits, as most reported faults can be diagnosed and corrected by phone.

12 Guide Rollers - Most stairlifts utilize six or sometimes eight guide rollers – the more rollers used, the smoother and more stable the ride. We insist on no less than twelve guide rollers to insure the best quality and most comfortable performance available.

We understand that some people are more technically-minded than others. If that sounds like you – and you have other questions, please call us. We will connect you to one of our technicians (rather than a sales person) and they will happily advise you.

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